Friday, 31 May 2013

Unknown Obscurity

He had written a little..

sublime, solemn,unvarnished...

in a snowish blue paper bit..

with an impeccable handwriting.

TOM  in the church front asked..

why did y ou write all obscure..?

so abstract and indistinct

even my wife could nt fetch it well...

with a smile so grim he  uttered 

a reply so startling and more  OBSCURE..

''Let my hands be conjoined with HERS

Let me endure her sweat so lure

Let my impetuous nose go wild to her hair black...

Then let her ears be melodied by my lucious symphony.....

That will be enough to flourish her towards my OBSCURE song..''

TOM departed with crimson faced..

but giving hard blows plenteous

THE IMPRUDENT stayed there for long..

staring at his own OBSCURITY......



  1. glad to read something in English as well...and you have done a sweet job of it


    1. i was actually obscure about my unknown obscurity..any way you made my view more distinct

  2. Now obscurity is not obscure anymore, so unleash your thoughts in words…

  3. hey check my post when time permits...